would you come back to Camp Quest?

I would like to return to Camp Quest because I can express my thoughts without fear of judgement, the activies are very fun, and I made a lot of friends whom I’d like to see again.
— Emma, 14
Camp Quest has been a great experience that has allowed me to grow so much. I want to come back and continue to grow, but I also want to come back to help others grow.
— Kiri, 17
I can be myself here and I don’t HAVE to fit in because I already do! I won’t go home ever until next year because this is my home now.
— Katie, 13

What did you learn?

That everyone is different but we can all be friends.
— Madeline, 14
To accept other people’s beliefs and ways of thinking.
— Hayden, 12
I learned about evolution.
— Rowan, 8
How to be a leader.
— Caleb, 17
I learned how to skip rocks, catch salamanders, and do really cool things!
— Rosie, 11
That fossils are awesome!
— Conner, 10
I learned about the freethinkers of the world and other religions.
— Kimberly, 12
About DNA, plants, and soil! We also learned about pollinators and flowers and seed balls!
— Hazel, 8
So much. I learned about our universe’s timeline from Gordon and water-wildlife from Becky, sure, and a lot of people’s names, but also about different personalities. I learned now to have fun even when it’s been a bad day. I learned how to keep an open mind to everything, and I learned how to accept losses.
— Cambria, 13

What was your favorite part of camp this year?

Working on the service project.
— Leah, 16
White water rafting.
— Isabelle, 11
Carnival, dance, sitting in a large circle and talking about religion during movie night (& the awesome counselors).
— Alayna, 14
Friends, high ropes, rock wall, foursquare, Frisbee, lots of stuff.
— Colin, 15
Oh, that’s hard… There were so many… I’ll have to pick campfires, that’s when the sense of community/family is strongest. I think it’s the energy and emotion in the music, the sense of having fun with others, the way we’re singing together.
— Anonymous, 17