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Camp Communication

+ Slack Team

Slack is a multi-channel communication hub that any CQ Leader is welcome to join. Create private or public chat channels for specific conversations about camp life, business, or other topics of interest. Users with an email address can automatically join the Camp Quest Slack Team.

+ Social Media

Camp Quest on Facebook

Camp Quest, Inc. - the official Facebook page of Camp Quest, Inc.

Camp Quest Leaders - a closed group for all CQ leaders, including current camp volunteers. Anyone can find the group and see who's in it. Only members can see posts. Any member can add new members.

CQ Senior Leaders - a private group for all current CQ senior leaders, including camp Board members, camp directors, national Board members, and other senior program directors. Only members can find the group and see posts. Any member can add or approve members. Camp senior leaders are responsible for ensuring that members they add are current senior leaders.

Camp Quest Twitter

+ Email Accounts

Senior leaders may request new email addresses for other leaders at their camps. Please send new account requests to Kim Newton, including the user's full name, any preferred nickname, phone number, and personal email address. Kim will create the account and send the user their login information. Senior leadership is responsible for updating their camp and current leader contact information annually. Unused accounts will be removed. Former leaders may not retain access to their email accounts unless we receive approval from a current camp Board chair/president or camp director, with the understanding that the former leader may return to camp within two years. All users must agree to our Terms of Use.



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American Camp Association

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