Camp Quest cooperates with a number of other organizations that support the secular movement and nontheists.  Here are a few organizations that we think might be of particular interest to secular families, and some suggestions for ways that you can get involved.

Secular Coalition for America

Camp Quest is a member of the Secular Coalition for America, the political voice of the nontheist community in the United States. The Coalition lobbies Congress and the executive branch on issues of concern to the secular constituency and builds visibility and respect for nontheistic Americans through media and cultural outreach. You can help advocate on issues that matter to secular families by signing up for Action Alerts from the Secular Coalition. You can also contact the Coalition and their staff will arrange to go on a lobby visit with you to the offices of your Senator or Representative.

Foundation Beyond Belief

Foundation Beyond Belief focuses on putting humanist values into action through encouraging charitable giving by nontheists.  They are a charitable foundation created to focus, encourage and demonstrate humanist generosity and compassion through four programs: Humanist Giving, Beyond Belief Network, Humanist Disaster Recovery,  and Humanist Service Corps.

Foundation Beyond Belief also sponsors over 100 humanist volunteer teams through their Beyond Belief Network. Beyond Belief Network are groups that are committed to making their community a better place. 

Secular Student Alliance

The Secular Student Alliance supports atheist, agnostic, humanist, and other freethinking student groups on college and high school campuses. High school age campers may be interested in checking out the services that the Secular Student Alliance offers to its student groups.  Students interested in starting a group at their school can request a group starting packet, which includes all sorts of useful goodies for launching a new student group.  For more information about starting a secular student organization please contact the SSA's campus organizers