Webinar: Grief Beyond Belief


Anyone interested in learning more about Grief Beyond Belief is welcome to join this free webinar with special guest and Grief Beyond Belief founder Rebecca Hensler. We will discuss the need for grief support in secular communities, and in particular the needs of children and parents. All are welcome to participate, and we especially encourage parents and camp volunteers to join the discussion.

Camp Quest Offers Bill Nye: Science Guy Screening for Earth Day Community Event

BILL NYE SCIENCE GUY Theatrical Poster.jpg

Camp Quest will offer a free screening of Bill Nye: Science Guy as part of the Earth Day and Earth Week events happening in Staunton, Virginia - home to our CQ National Support Center.

Bill Nye: Science Guy
Free Film Screening
Wednesday April 24, 6:30pm at the Staunton Library, Staunton, VA

Families and community members are invited to this free screening of Bill Nye: Science Guy, a documentary about Bill Nye and his mission to champion education about climate change and space exploration.

Local experts will be on hand for a post-screening discussion about climate change and science education. Screening time 1hr 40mins. Limited seating.

Hosted by Camp Quest, Inc. Camp Quest is a national network of secular summer camps featuring science, natural wonder, and humanist values. Learn more at

Please RSVP for the screening by email to or call Kim Newton, Executive Director, at 540-324-9088.

A Little Mischief, A Little Magic, and a Lot of Pride

September and October have been busy months here at Camp Quest!

After welcoming Sarah Bingham Miller as our new Development Director at the beginning of September, we started preparations for several exciting events!

For the past three years, Staunton, home to our CQ headquarters in Virginia, has transformed into a Harry Potter wonderland. Over the weekend of September 28th, our little village pulled out all the stops to give thousands of Harry Potter fans - locals and visitors from across the country - a chance to experience their own real-life version of Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and other scenes and activities from the universe of J. K. Rowling. Queen City Mischief and Magic featured fun for the whole family, from quidditch matches to photo ops with the Hogwarts professors.

Young wizards and witches visiting the Camp Quest table during Queen City Mischief and Magic Festival.

Young wizards and witches visiting the Camp Quest table during Queen City Mischief and Magic Festival.

Demonstration of “The Magical Potion pH Experiment”!

Demonstration of “The Magical Potion pH Experiment”!

We joined forces with the faculty and staff at Mary Baldwin University to share Camp Quest with the young wizards and witches who visited the MBU campus (aka Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!) We offered excited kids and curious adults a chance to learn about pH, acids, and bases by testing the pH of “potions” from Professor Snape’s potions cabinet! We used red cabbage juice as an indicator to test whether two mystery “potions” were acidic or basic. You can download the Magical Potion pH Experiment activity here!

On October 6th, we tabled at Staunton’s very first Pride festival! We were proud to be part of this special event, benefitting the new Shenandoah LGBT Center.

Children having fun at our Camp Quest table!

Children having fun at our Camp Quest table!

Camp Quest - Staunton Pride 3

Staunton Pride 2018 - Beverley Street, Staunton, VA

Camp Quest - Staunton Pride 2

Our next adventure takes us to Minneapolis, MN for our 8th Annual Camp Quest Leadership Summit, November 2-4! There, we’ll gather with Camp Quest leaders from each of our programs to learn together, collaborate, and prepare for another exciting summer to come in 2019!