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Camp Quest has been accepted as a participant in A Community Thrives competition! We need to raise $3000 to be considered for a grant of up to $25,000. Help us out by donating or spreading the word now!

A Community Thrives is part of the USA TODAY NETWORK. The campaign is a way for organizations to share their community building ideas on the national stage, gain support through donations and local connections, and get a chance at receiving a portion of $2,000,000 in grants to give their projects the best possible chance to succeed.

Thank you for showing your support for Camp Quest and helping our community thrive!

Camp Quest Campership For Military Families Sponsored by MAAF

Camp Quest is proud to announce a partnership with the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers (MAAF) to offer a full campership to a child of a military member or veteran. Camp Quest is a national network of secular summer camps with locations in 13 states. Camp Quest provides an educational adventure shaped by fun, friends, and freethought featuring science, natural wonder, and humanist values.

The Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers (MAAF) supports atheists in foxholes, their families, and veterans. This community is worldwide, wherever the military may be. MAAF strengthens the larger secular community by providing a military backbone and voice both internally and externally. Programs include care packages to deployed service members and programs during basic military training to give young men and women alternatives to Sunday church services. This includes the largest regular humanist gathering of well over 1000 per week at Air Force Basic Training.

Now MAAF is offering a campership to a child of military member or veteran to attend Camp Quest. This new program helps to support veterans and strengthen the secular community through the invaluable family services Camp Quest provides.

MAAF has pledged one full campership for a child of a military member or veteran to attend any one of participating Camp Quest affiliate locations in 2019. Please note that not all Camp Quest affiliates are participating in the MAAF campership in 2019 due to the timing of our registration season. Check for a complete list of session dates and locations. Participating camps and sessions include:

Camp Quest Kansas City
July 21-27

Camp Quest Michigan
Session 1: June 23-29
Session 2: July 21-27

Camp Quest NorthWest
Session 1: June 30-July 6
Session 2: August 11-17

Camp Quest Ohio
Session 1: June 16-22
Session 2: July 14-20

Camp Quest Oklahoma
July 27-August 3

Camp Quest Smoky Mountains
July 28-August 3

Camp Quest Texas
June 16-22

Camp Quest West
Northern California - Session 1: June 30 - July 6
Northern California - Session 2: July 7-13
Northern California - Double Session: June 30 - July 13
Southern California - July 21-27

An authorized parent or guardian may apply by completing the Camp Quest MAAF Campership Application, available at The application deadline is Monday, April 15, 2019 at 11:59PM EDT. Please view the application for more information and eligibility requirements.

Questions? Please contact Kim Newton, Executive Director, by email at or call the Camp Quest National Support Center at 540-324-9088. For more information about MAAF, please visit

Camp Quest Volunteer Travel Grants

Volunteer Travel Grants.png

Camp Quest is excited to share this travel grant opportunity with all returning and new volunteers interested in working at any 2019 camp session.

Volunteer Travel Grants provide travel support for volunteers to attend camp. The Camp Quest National Board has designated up to $4500 in total travel grants to volunteers. Volunteers must submit their applications by May 1. Successful applicants will be notified by May 15.

Volunteer Travel Grant Application - Apply here!

Application Requirements:

  • Your full name, mailing address, phone number, email address.

  • The camp and session you’re planning to attend.

  • The amount of your travel grant request.

  • A recommendation from your camp director or other camp leader who can verify your volunteer status.

  • Submit a 1-3 minute digital video sharing what Camp Quest means to you and why you’re looking forward to attending camp. Submitting a 300-500 word essay is an alternative option to sharing a video.

Eligibility Requirements & Restrictions:

  • The applicant may be a current or new volunteer in good standing.

  • There are no limits to the number of volunteers who may apply from any single camp.

  • The maximum award is $300 per volunteer. Funds are still limited, so please only apply if you have financial need.

  • The applicant is responsible for submitting travel-related expense receipts to no later than September 1. Examples of travel-related receipts include airfare, gas receipts, bus or train tickets, etc.

  • Eligible travel may occur within 2 days of the start of the session and 2 days from the end of the session.

  • Awardees will be responsible for paying all travel expenses that exceed the grant award.

  • By submitting an application, you grant Camp Quest, Inc. permission to use your submitted application video and transcript or essay, in whole or in part, for marketing and solicitation purposes.

Review Process:

  • The Executive Director will review and approve all eligible grant requests. The Executive Director will notify accepted applicants by May 15.

A Little Mischief, A Little Magic, and a Lot of Pride

September and October have been busy months here at Camp Quest!

After welcoming Sarah Bingham Miller as our new Development Director at the beginning of September, we started preparations for several exciting events!

For the past three years, Staunton, home to our CQ headquarters in Virginia, has transformed into a Harry Potter wonderland. Over the weekend of September 28th, our little village pulled out all the stops to give thousands of Harry Potter fans - locals and visitors from across the country - a chance to experience their own real-life version of Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and other scenes and activities from the universe of J. K. Rowling. Queen City Mischief and Magic featured fun for the whole family, from quidditch matches to photo ops with the Hogwarts professors.

Young wizards and witches visiting the Camp Quest table during Queen City Mischief and Magic Festival.

Young wizards and witches visiting the Camp Quest table during Queen City Mischief and Magic Festival.

Demonstration of “The Magical Potion pH Experiment”!

Demonstration of “The Magical Potion pH Experiment”!

We joined forces with the faculty and staff at Mary Baldwin University to share Camp Quest with the young wizards and witches who visited the MBU campus (aka Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!) We offered excited kids and curious adults a chance to learn about pH, acids, and bases by testing the pH of “potions” from Professor Snape’s potions cabinet! We used red cabbage juice as an indicator to test whether two mystery “potions” were acidic or basic. You can download the Magical Potion pH Experiment activity here!

On October 6th, we tabled at Staunton’s very first Pride festival! We were proud to be part of this special event, benefitting the new Shenandoah LGBT Center.

Children having fun at our Camp Quest table!

Children having fun at our Camp Quest table!

Camp Quest - Staunton Pride 3

Staunton Pride 2018 - Beverley Street, Staunton, VA

Camp Quest - Staunton Pride 2

Our next adventure takes us to Minneapolis, MN for our 8th Annual Camp Quest Leadership Summit, November 2-4! There, we’ll gather with Camp Quest leaders from each of our programs to learn together, collaborate, and prepare for another exciting summer to come in 2019!