Program Expansion & Collaboration Survey

You can help Camp Quest by taking our Program Expansion & Collaboration Survey!

Camp Quest, Inc. is a national youth development agency and association of secular summer camps for children aged 4-17. Due to the enormous success of our residential summer camps operated by affiliate member organizations, we have served over 8800 children since 1996.

At Camp Quest, we prepare youth to engage critically and creatively with the world by fostering reason and empathy as the foundations of an ethical life. We are proud to share that our camp network has high registration demand and high camper and volunteer retention.

Camp Quest is seeking new ways to expand our program reach and serve the growing population of children, families and adults that are secular and religiously unaffiliated (comprising of approximately one quarter of Americans and 37% of youth aged 18 and younger).

Camp Quest program expansion combined with increased collaboration with other organizations is essential if Camp Quest is to maintain our operations and serve future generations of children. Demonstrated support by other organizations and individuals that take this survey will help us continue to provide valued and meaningful camp experiences to children across the US and the world. Click here to take the survey.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is essential to helping us better serve our community. Please direct questions about the survey to Kim Newton, Executive Director, at