Meet our Board of Directors

Bob Ready, Chair


Bob ReadyBob has been a counselor for 4 years and a board member for 3 for Camp Quest of Minnesota.  His connection to Camp Quest started in 2008 when he passed by a Camp Quest table at the American Atheists national convention in Minneapolis. Bob signed up to volunteer for the 2008 camp session, and he has considered camp the best thing he does ever since. 

In his non-camp life, Bob is pursuing further education in the interest of becoming a public advocate for science and science education, which currently has him studying biology at the University of Iowa and looking for graduate programs. Bob is a former chancellor for his business fraternity, and he has served on the board of directors of the Iowa Secularists. He also works from home doing remote tech support. Bob spends his free time in diverse ways when he actually has it, and they can usually be stereotyped as extremely nerdy.

Chelsea Pavey, Vice Chair

Chelsea PaveyChelsea Pavey has been involved with Camp Quest since 1997. Chelsea spent several years as a camper at Camp Quest Ohio, moved up to be a counselor there, served as Program Director and is currently the Camp Director. Chelsea also helped in the inaugural years of Chesapeake and South Carolina and serving as Assistant Camp Director at both camps. She is currently the Assistant Camp Director at South Carolina. She is excited to see more children grow up with Camp Quest as she did.

During the part of the year that Chelsea is not at a Camp Quest, she is a regional sales assistant in Metro Atlanta. She currently holds a degree in Managerial Science from Georgia State. She has lived in Atlanta her whole life and spends her free time exploring the area, reading, and following Atlanta sports.


Shawn Jeffers, Treasurer

Shawn JeffersShawn has served on Camp Quest Ohio staff since 2003 and was a member of the Camp Quest Inc. Board of Directors from 2003-2007.  He returned to the board in 2012 as Treasurer.  Shawn also currently serves as Camp Quest Ohio's Registrar and Treasurer.  While at Camp, Shawn leads campers in songs and games around the campfire, teaches camp craft and fire-making, and coordinates snack time. Outside of camp, he is Director of Programs at BRIDGES for a Just Community in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Shawn is an active volunteer serving as Program Chair for the Free Inquiry Group of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and on the Board of GLSEN Greater Cincinnati.


Amy Monsky, Secretary

Amy MonskyAmy has been involved in the freethought community since 2008 when she was delighted to discover there was one. A fellow member of her local humanist group turned her on to Camp Quest and she knew immediately it was something she wanted to be involved in. Since that time, Amy has served on staff at Camp Quest Ohio and Camp Quest Chesapeake. Pulling from her experience at both CQ Ohio and CQ Chesapeake, Amy started a new Camp Quest location in South Carolina where she is currently the Camp Director.

Amy is passionate about building and strengthening a supportive community for humanist families. In addition to Camp Quest, she serves on the Preisdent of the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry. Amy and her husband live in Charleston, SC with their 3 children, a cat, and any snake, lizard, or tadpoles that are unfortunate enough to be found by the children.


Jeff Duncan

Jeff Duncan

Jeff is a professional firefighter/paramedic, husband, and father, who believes that helping to inoculate children against the harmful effects of superstitious thought, is one of the most important things that he can accomplish, during his precious time here on earth.  Jeff is Camp Director of Camp Quest of Michigan.  He enjoys spending time in Northern Michigan, swimming, biking, hunting, scuba diving, kayaking, and observing the beauty of natural things.  Jeff plays guitar, drums, and bagpipes and enjoys writing songs and poetry.


Eugene Glover

Eugene Glover

Eugene is one of the founders of Camp Quest Arizona.  He is also CQAZ Chairman and Assistant Camp Director.  He began working with Camp Quest in 2011 because of his love of summer camp and desire that both his own and other children could experience camp without the all-too-common religious baggage prevalent elsewhere.

Eugene is a native of Arizona, a second-generation non-believer, is married, has two children and doesn’t support the Oxford comma. 

Outside of camp, Eugene is Chief Information Officer of a mysterious, unnamed government agency.  His hobbies/interests include Science Fiction, podcasting, bicycling, camping, geocaching and videography. 

Bobbie Kirkhart

Bobbie Kirkhart

Bobbie Kirkhart grew up a very religious child in a devout liberal Protestant family in Enid, Oklahoma. At the University of Oklahoma, she majored in journalism and taught a Sunday school class.  After college, she became a social worker in South Central Los Angeles, serving mostly black and Latina single mothers. Her work experience eventually caused her to reevaluate her belief in an omnipotent, omnibenevolent god, and after further consideration she became an atheist.

Many years later Bobbie became active in the freethought community, joining Atheists United in 1983.  Since then Bobbie has served as president of Atheist Alliance International, and as vice president of the Secular Coalition for America. In addition to her work with Camp Quest, she is currently president of Atheists United, and a board member of Atheist Alliance of America.

Bobbie is a contributing author in three books: Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion; The Fundamentals of Extremism: the Christian Right in America; and Everything You Know About God Is Wrong (the Book).  She is a widow, with one daughter, and two grandsons.


Don Lewellyn

Don LewellynDon helped establish the first Camp Quest in Texas, was an Assistant CQ Director in Oklahoma, was the CQ Director in Texas, and is currently the President of Camp Quest Texas.  Don believes that while it’s important to support today’s freethinking adults, it’s even more important to support our young freethinkers as they deal with peer pressures and social rejection—they are the future, and that’s why he so strongly supports Camp Quest.

Since retiring, Don has managed Red Cross disaster shelters, conducted accelerated learning workshops, made presentations at numerous freethought events, taught computer courses at the university level, coordinated the Texas Freethought Convention, and served as a Board member of the Fellowship of Freethought in Dallas. In December, Don supplements his retirement income (and has lots of fun) as a real bearded Santa at corporate events.

Don grew up on an Iowa farm working with animals and getting to know nature. With degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science, Don spent a decade designing aircraft and space vehicles in St. Louis, followed by a decade based in Kansas City designing and supporting this country’s first ATMs. During the last two decades of his career, Don traveled nationwide as a bank operations consultant based in Dallas where he still lives.

Don has a daughter who works for a computer company in Silicon Valley and a son who works as an aerospace engineer in Austin TX.


Caroline Martin

Caroline MartinCaroline is the Camp Director of Camp Quest Smoky Mountains. She began as a counselor at CQSM in 2009. After a few years there she became the Assistant Director and also started attending Camp Quest Ohio, where she is currently the Female Cabin Area Leader. Caroline is also the Secretary for the CQSM Board of Directors.   

Caroline lives in Columbus, OH. She holds a B.A. in Dance and Religious Studies from Agnes Scott College. She enjoys finding creative ways to incorporate her knowledge in those areas into camp programs. At home, Caroline reads lots of books, watches lots of movies, and fosters a whole lot of kittens.


Neil Polzin

Neil PolzinNeil has been involved with Camp Quest since 2006, joining the staff at Camp Quest West in 2008.  Since then he was volunteered in a number of positions including Archery Instructor, Cabin Director, and Camp Director.  He has camped in every state and province west of the Rockies, developing a love for the outdoors he shares with each camper.

Neil holds a Bachelors degree in Philosophy of Science, and a Masters degree in Philosophy with an emphasis on Ethics.  Skills he uses in his position as a Sales Manager.  While not at work Neil spends his time SCUBA diving, shooting sports, and exploring off road in his 4x4.


Dan Smucker

Dan SmuckerDan is the Operations Director for Camp Quest Smoky Mountains. He began as a counselor at CQ Ohio in 2009, where he is currently their Male Cabin Area leader. Dan also serves as treasurer on the CQOH and CQSM board of directors.

Dan lives in Columbus, OH. He holds a B.A. in Literature from The Ohio State University. Dan enjoys reading comic books, camping and going to local trivia nights.




John Welte

John WelteJohn has been involved with Camp Quest since 2007, when he was asked (drafted?) to be a counselor at Camp Quest Michigan by Edwin Kagin. Although it was a tough start, John soon became fascinated and enthralled with the idea of the camp and the children and counselors he met. He realized that teaching critical thinking is difficult and that he could learn from the young campers as well as teach. He has been counselor at CQ Michigan every year since and is now Assistant Director of that camp. He also has volunteered with the Ohio camp since 2008.

John is a passionate believer in the separation of the government from religion and volunteers for American Atheists as the Ohio Regional Director.  He is also the past president of the group that founded Camp Quest, The Free Inquiry Group of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

John is married, a father of two, and grandfather of eight, some of whom have attended Camp Quest. He is a freelance photographer specializing in children’s sports and portraits. He loves doing photos at camp and making a slide show for the kids.



Thank you to our past board members!

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