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Christopher Hitchens' Reading List for Camp Questers

Back in October, Christopher Hitchens met Mason, a camper at the Camp Quest Texas mini-camp at the Texas Freethought Convention, and he recommended some books for her to read.  Here are Hitch's recommendations:

  • Richard Dawkins, The Magic of Reality
  • Roman myths, particularly those compiled by Robert Graves
  • (anything satirical)
  • William Shakespeare (everything)
  • Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Infidel, and Nomad
  • PG Wodehouse (for fun)
  • David Hume
  • Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

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Thank You Freethought Bloggers w/Bonus Crochet FSM!

Crocheted Flying Spaghetti MonstersBack in May eleven intrepid bloggers joined forces to compete against PZ Myers and his horde of followers through a contest to raise money for Camp Quest.  The intrepid forces of Team Awesome defeated the Squidlord, but the real winner of the contest was Camp Quest! Between the work of the bloggers, donors, and the last minute matching offer from the Stiefel Freethought Foundation over $33,000 was raised for Camp Quest during the month-long contest!

We wanted to do something special to thank the bloggers, but what do you give to the paragons of the freethought blogosphere?  With the help of Sue Henry and Kelley Freeman, we found the perfect gift - hand crocheted Flying Spaghetti Monsters. » Read more

Freethinking Internships for the Fall!

Secular Coalition for America LogoTwo national partners of Camp Quest, the Secular Coalition for America and Foundation Beyond Belief are offering fall internships.  Camp Quest is proud to be one of the 10 member organziations of the Secular Coalition for America, and we're honored to have been selected as a beneficiary of Foundation Beyond Belief for the second year in a row.  If you're interested in getting more involved in the freethought community, these internships may be just the opporuntities you're looking for.

Foundation Beyond Belief LogoThe Foundation Beyond Belief Internship is a 28 week virtual internship requiring about 8 hours per week.

The Secular Coalition for America Internship is a 12 week part-time position in Washington, DC.

Deadlines are fast approching -- Foundation Beyond Belief's deadline is July 18th, and the Secular Coalition's deadline is July 22nd, so get more information and get your application in post haste! » Read more

Love Freethought? Looking for Job?

Secular Student Alliance LogoWe may have just the position for you! The Secular Student Alliance is hiring an event specialist.  The event specialist will work on projects for both Camp Quest and Secular Student Alliance. 

This full-time position will spend the summer split between projects for Camp Quest and the Secular Student Alliance, focusing largely on preparing for the Richard Dawkins October 2011 Speaking Tour and subsequent tour-related events.  This tour will involve university events hosted by SSA affiliates, independent university events, and family events organized by Camp Quest.  Following the October tour and subsequent tour-related events, the position will transition to focus on coordinating events for Secular Student Alliance affiliate groups, including headliner speaking tours, individual events and local events.

Learn more about the position, and submit your application materials to the Secular Student Alliance by July 10, 2011.

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What can I do to improve the image of atheists/freethinkers?

Camp Quest Michigan FriendsThat's what Michigan Atheists wants to know.  They are providing campership assistance to attend Camp Quest of Michigan for kids and teens with the best answers.  Here are the details:

Essay topic: What can I do to improve the image of freethinkers/atheists in the world?

Eligibility: Children and Teens ages 8-17

Deadline: June 12, 2011

Prize: Up to a full campership to Camp Quest of Michigan July 17-23, 2011 (an up to $500 value).

How to Apply: Send your short essay (no more than 1 page) along with your name and age to michigan@camp-quest.org.

The deadline is soon, so get typing, and get those essays in! » Read more

Two Weeks Until CQ Ohio!

Here's a quick snapshot of Camp Quest Ohio 2010! We can't wait for camp this year. Only two weeks to go!

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22 Minutes To Go!

ChipIn says we have 22 minutes to go, and that's the official time we're going with.  Team PZ pulled ahead in a last minute reversal.  Will that be the game or will Beat PZ return victorious in the final minutes.  You decide and the Stiefel Freethought Foundation doubles your contribution to either team! » Read more

Up to $10,000 Matching for Last Two Hours of Blogger Contest!

The blogger fundraising contest rolls into the record books at 2pm eastern time today. For these last few hours The Stiefel Freethought Foundation has pledged a matching offer of up to $5,000 per team!

The Stiefel Foundation will match dollar for dollar everything Beat PZ raises above the current value of $11,681.33, up to $16,681.33.

The Stiefel Foundation didn't want to take sides though, so they will also match dollar for dollar everything Team PZ raises above the current value of $11,376.01, up to $16,376.01.

This is your last chance to decide the fate of PZ's beard, and JT's hair, and now you can double your donation at the same time!  Thanks to the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, all of the bloggers, and all of the contributors! » Read more

Teams basically tied with 9 hours to go!

Our intrepid blogger competitors have raised more than $20,000 for Camp Quest over the last month. And now, their contest looks to be a photo finish! As of 2:49pm eastern Team Underdog is ahead of Team PZ by $63.

This may be due to some tactical changes on the part of Team PZ. PZ now claims that he wins either way. We're not so sure about that, but Camp Quest definitely wins either way.

Thank you thank you thank you to all of the donors who have given to support Team Underdog or Team PZ, and thank you thank you thank you to all of the bloggers and others who have promoted this contest! » Read more

Halfway through our blogger contest the teams raise the stakes!

We are about halfway through the PZ Myers vs. Team Underdog blogger fundraising contest for Camp Quest, and the battle rages on!  PZ is still ahead, but Team Underdog is strategizing for their late-game comeback.  A few quick highlights:

1. Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist, started a rumor that PZ would shave his beard if Team Underdog won.  PZ turned the tables by offering to shave his beard if he won, effectively sowing confusion among those who wanted to shave vs. save PZ's beard. 

2. Team Underdog, adopting the moniker of Team Awesome, went on a recruiting spree and gained several more members.  The current membership of Team Awesome is: » Read more

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